About Griptape.co.uk

Our history and what we do

Griptape.co.uk launched in September 2010, stocking the largest range of skateboard griptape in the UK. We originally sold well-known third-party brands including MOB, Jessup, Grizzly, Enuff and Shake Junt. We also imported rolls of unbraded grip and supplied shops across the country. Over the following years we gripped tens of thousands of decks, but increasing postage costs and a weakening exchange rate meant that by Autumn 2016 the difficult decision was made to close down the retail shop and instead focus on our B2B business.

Not to worry though. We’ve put all this experience to good use. We’ve been working with local manufacturers to perfect the perfect grip formula. No longer are we importing well-known brands from the US, China and Taiwan. Instead we have our own grip which we genuinely believe is the best there is. Enhanced tolerances, texture, adhesive and perforations for bubble-free application, and all sourced from UK manufacturers. On top of our standard stock colours, we are now able to provide you with any colour you want.

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